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Traci Sala

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We all want to Leave the right impression and Light your best areas and assets.

As you already know we are more than just an installation and repair of electrical systems with offerings of a range of lighting consulting services. Did you know architectur-al lighting plays and enormous role in the culture of interior spaces, enhancing and complementing every venue.

Please invite our company to guide you in making the best decisions for lighting your space, making your space more sophisticated and functional. Our specifications will include the knowledge of aesthetics, lighting scale, and illumination intensity along with energy management. One of the biggest challenges I see that most people have is they don’t understand the scale of lighting and illumination needed along with proper heights, proper widths , color density and light output.

Our team expertise, specializes in assisting with all your lighting needs from a specific need of chandeliers, wall sconces, lamps and spot lighting for product enhancement, design, aesthetic effect of style and scale to fit your interior space. NDP Electric Offers the following assessment:

  • The human factor—functionality , good visual comfort and to needs of the individual client
  • Complete assessment of your space
  • Offer 2D and 3D drawings with images of lighting to be integrated in your actual space
  • Don’t pay full price for names brands when we can offer your same the look, style and design at a reduced investment.
  • We will always work well within budgets so lets create together an artful treatment of your lighting needs that can have long term transformative effect and make the final 1st visual statement.